She has known about addiction since childhood.
She grows up, becomes a young addict and decides to travel the world in search of a difference.
But she finds the presence of addiction in every country, every culture, every community, every city she passes through.

Self-taught, she decided to inform herself on this vast subject through numerous readings.
She experimented with therapeutic disciplines, received multicultural teachings and herself experienced phases of strong addiction from which she emerged strengthened.

It is the desire to put words on this experience, and especially to create tools to understand and manage this problem, that she launches into writing a method.
Firstly for the addict himself and secondly for his entourage.

The incubator “Les Déterminés“ welcomes him and allows him to take his first steps: “A start up“!

The transition to the program “Qui Veut Etre Mon Associé ?“ on M6 in January 2022 signs the concretization of its idea, in particular with the financial participation of the 5 partners present on the set.

The meeting with Emilie VILLARET, STABLE WAY allows her to develop the company MY ADDIE and to surround herself with expert therapists in various fields.
Finally, she can put into practice the MY ADDIE coaching process, a method that brings together practical exercises from several therapeutic disciplines, all in a digital format.

Web-app release coming soon,
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