MY ADDIE is a practical philosophy

The practical philosophy was born from the meeting of two women, now associated.
They shared their riches gathered through their travels and their spiritual teachings.

Imbalances are born from the movements of life, and they are what make it beautiful. It is also in them that addiction is born, the addictive impulse.

What to do ?

To accept. Surfing with the wave, staying here and now conscious of your impulse, recognizing it in order to accept it and live with it, such is the mission.


To decide not to undergo the impulse but rather to choose it, not to restrain it but to tame it.

Tame yourself.

Manage it over time. No longer suffer from it, be free.

How ?

To set one's own limits in responsibility in a given space of time in order to be able to take over the next movement.


The process of accompaniment proposes a path in autonomy during which each one can build his own solution according to his sensitivity and apply it concretely at the end of the program.


Live the MY ADDIE experience.

Here, now

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